Tips to Avoid Scams in Buying FIFA Coins


FUT 23 is a worldwide sensation. Its incredible popularity needs no introduction. The pre-teens and teens especially are crazy about FIFA. Fights and competitions between teams battling for titles and wins are pretty common. Win, and you get the coins! Another way to grab coins is to buy fut coins. Purchasing these coins opens the gateways for investing in expensive players and other treats.

The most valid and frequent concern that arises instantly with the topic of buying FIFA coins is that of scamming. This is because scamming has gone quite viral. With the increase in demand and popularity, the chances for scammers to thrive are no more surprising.

This blog post is the best guide to help you understand the scammers’ tactics and ways to avoid them.

No Random Seller

Since all this business happens online, it’s pretty apparent to reach out to the seller online. Find a regular, authentic website. The west way is to Google it. Going after random guys who offer cheap coins on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc., is too risky. It points toward them being imposters because these platforms are where they can trap the targets quickly.

The safest way is to approach an authentic website.

The Website’s Reputation

Alright! So we have reached the next step— landing on an authentic website. A background check is mandatory here. Now, this is where the criticality increases. Scammers have devised modern techniques to rob you of your money and coins. The upgraded scamming goes way beyond. The scammers have made websites similar to the brands. Ads constantly attract buyers, and the desperate ones usually get into the trap.

So, after you have shortlisted the websites for the purchase of coins, do necessarily check the reviews and feedback. A lot of good reviews and positive feedback confirm the website’s authenticity.

Following these simple steps can help you avoid scams while buying coins.

//HTTPS:// in the Browser

Once you find the website, ensure it has HTTP in the browser. It ensures security. Checking HTTP in the website’s browser guarantees safety and security. It provides the presence of an SSL certificate. It is essential because online payments should have an SSL certificate for safety purposes. So if you can sight HTTP in the browser, it’s scam-free.

Customer Service

Another important tip to avoid scams is contacting the website’s live support. You must check them for their prompt response and availability. You will better understand their professional level by asking a few questions. Do questions about their transaction systems and payment modes. The interaction with their customer support team can help you sense how genuine they are.


Scamming in the digital world has extensively spread. Securing yourself from being scammed is not challenging but not impossible. Whatever you do, the best strategy is to work it out before you practically land into it. The same goes for coins. Since you’d be spending money, the scams should concern you more. Follow our simple tips described comprehensively in the blog post and get going!


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