How Corex Technology Makes Your Vaping Experience More Enjoyable?


Welcome to the era of high-tech vapes! We live in an incredible world witnessing the progression from cigarettes to top-notch vaping devices. Vaping has revolutionized the entire concept of nicotine smoking. Folks were still in awe with the peculiar yet astounding blend of e-cig and flavors when we got struck by a more purposeful and dedicated vape kit – Corex. The feature that makes it remarkable is the latest heating technology. The spectacular technology moves it beyond from ordinary and crowns it as something unbeatable. The outstanding heating technology backs the vape kit’s intense flavor and long-lasting effects.

This blog post is the ultimate place to reveal the secrets behind Corex’s technology used in high tech vapes by Vaporesso. So, let’s begin.

Corex – A New Heating Technology  

The absolute fact that makes Corex roar louder and beat its competitors is intelligent heating technology. The new technology ensures an extended and pleasurable vaping experience. Corex guarantees 5%longer lasting vapors and 30% more clouds; this is why we reckon for its unparalleled boosting and flavorful vapor populations that will sensationalize your taste buds for quite a long.

The overall performance profile of Corex heating technology quotes a 50% increase in vaporization efficiency ratio, a 34% drop in power consumption, and a 55% increase in flavor consistency.

Excellent Components to Build the Unbeatable Vape Kit

The heating technology clusters a few excellent components to build the unbeatable vape kit. These are:

· Morph-Mesh Structure

Unlike the ordinary mesh featuring vape kits and pods, corex has brought you the technically engineered morph-mesh. The morph-mesh creates a structure gradient intensifying the flavor by evenly distributing the heat. The flavorful vapors altogether move uniformly, thus creating a more powerful effect. The thicker at the sides and thinner in the middle gradient perfectly match the density of cotton. This gradient brews the perfect flavor-to-vapor ratio through evenly heating, which is the main requirement for the sensational flavor vapor.

· CUMULUS Cotton

The fluffier and dense cumulus cotton embraces the e-liquid like a mother’s arms. The utterly accommodating cotton is many times thicker than ordinary cotton. Its density and thickness ensure more excellent absorption and allows much space for the e-liquid’s delivery. The microfibers of the cumulus cotton are responsible for the maximum absorption of e-liquid. These microfibers create enough room to accommodate the on-delivery liquid.

The incorporation of cumulus cotton in the vape kit speaks for the promising professionalism of the manufacturer. Designing a vape kit with much fluffier cotton to hold the liquid for extended periods is the perfect approach to provide the vapers with a boosting, powerful flavorsome vaping experience. The big vapor clouds reaching the vaper’s mouth are out-of-ordinary.


The innovative heating technology, Corex, is committed to delivering accurate and intense flavor vapors that will last in your mouth longer than the average available options. The sole reason behind such firm statements is the phenomenal heating technology. The components of the heating technology, such as morph-mesh and cumulus cotton, are dedicated to bringing a rich vapor cloud to your mouth that for sure will linger around your gullet until you draw some more.


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