Miniature Guide To Machined Parts


Machine Parts Guide- A Brief Introduction

Machined parts play a vital role in the manufacturing and mechanical world. All the modern equipment comprise of machined parts such as threshers, mills, etc. The combination of machined parts make up a machine, which is the backbone of the industrial sector. These machines can be operated manually or through complete automation.

Humans have created a perfect combination of machined parts and digital system to develop complex machines, called digital machinery.

Use Of Machined Parts

Some ideal uses of machined parts are defined in the industrial sector. From small tools to complex and heavy machineries, machined parts enable manufacturing of modern products. They can be used to reshape the metal, mould plastic, cut wood, etc.

Considering machine parts’ wide use and advantages, several businesses have grown on the planet who offer custom machinery manufacturing according to the client’s requirements. China is a well-known leader in this sector.

Importance Of The Parts Of The Machine

Buyers looking to purchase machined parts will achieve the following benefits on their purchase:

Uplifted MOQ

The parts can be purchased at no minimum order quantity. It allows small businesses or small buyers to purchase reduced amount of machined parts to fulfil their requirements. As a result, machined part manufacturers can increase their turnover and reach out to increased potential buyers across the globe.

Freedom Of Design

Machined parts are designable according to the needs. The design can vary in shape, size, color, and strength. However, the price is subject to fluctuate based on the design.

Part Quality

Those looking for high standards in the product quality can inform the manufacturers. The quality of the parts is determined by the metal, compression, strength, and weight. Low quality machine parts are available to serve low budget buyers.


The outer finishing of the parts determine its appearance. Types of finishing include smooth and shiny finish, rough or matte finish, etc. The surface finishing depends on the customer’s needs.

Design Details Of Machined Parts

When talking about machine parts, the following design aspects are essential to consider:

1. Wall thickness

The wall thickness must be high to ensure the machine doesn’t fail during processing. Recommended thickness ranges from 0.8mm to 1.5mm.

2. Cavities

Any air bubbles or cavities in the parts lead to compromised quality. The air cavity diminishes the quality, leading to machine failure and accidents in the industry. Therefore, no machine parts should have any cavity, air bubbles, or holes in it.

3. Scale

Scale refers to the ratio of size of the machined parts. Accurate scale is mandatory or else the part may not fit in the machine. For instance, if a part needs to be 10cm wide, improper scaling could lead to its non-functionality.

What Are The Parts Of The Machine Made Of?

Machine’s parts may be made of the following material(s):

· Metal

Metal such as aluminum (for low quality and cost cutting), steel (for durability), zinc, brass, etc. are used. For the best conductivity, copper is the most ideal choice.

· Plastic

Varieties of plastic include HDPE, PPE, ABS, PEEK, etc.


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