See USB Type-C Hardware & Software Support


On this page, the use of USB-C as hardware and software support is used across all smart devices like smartphones and laptops. UGREEN loves to increase happiness in society by making dependable gadgets and accessories for the world. Meanwhile, create a healthy environment for the employees so that they can give 100 % of their input to keep up the innovation, durability, reliability, quality, and user-focused initiatives. The research plan, designs, and crafts every product with their patience, creativity, utmost effort, and pure heart to bring out the best products as per the Customer’s requirements. That’s why the company’s customers are always finding the company’s products more useful than any other competitors available and are always satisfied and give excellent feedback to the company.


Here, the application Ugreen USB-C as hardware support is specifically explained for different devices. So, please stay tuned and continue learning.

1. Smartphones With Type-C

Almost all Android smartphones have USB-C charging. And many models are sold with charging cables but not travel adapters or chargers. Smartphones like high-end phones or high-budget phones have USB Type C port which has fast charging support.

2. Fast Chargers

USB-C has reversible connectors that offer faster charging and high-speed data transfer rates. Plus, it can also support a lot of different types of data. These UCB-Cs boast much quicker charging and they can deliver power up to a range of 100 watts and 20 volts.

3. Laptops

Ugreen USB-C is now a standard for charging, where the USB version remains pointless. It must be able to power up through a laptop or power bank that has a USB-C connector. A USB-C Type-C port on a laptop can connect external devices as well.

4. Security Cameras

The Ugreen USB-C cable is more than enough bandwidth for most IP security cameras available on the market, becoming perfect for surveillance installs. Every IP security camera operates on less than 100Mbps of bandwidth, making USB-C a perfect match.


You have read about the hardware support of USB-C until now. Here let’s learn about the Software support set-ups.

1. Android OS

With a Ugreen USB-C OTG cable, the android smartphone can be connected to tablets and other devices. The cable comes with a connector for the phone on one side and a USB-C connector on the other side. If a regular USB-C cable is being used to connect with a PC.

2. Google Chrome OS

A USB-C pen drive or an memory card is compatible with a Chromebook. It just needs to plug in and it starts working after that. Mostly, chrome users want to achieve a few more things with the USB-C flash drives they purchase.

3. Microsoft Windows-Based OS

The USB-C should be inserted into the Windows device to get a promptly open. And then all of the data can be accessed by selecting the left-hand pane of the drive letter of USB-C device insertion.

4. iOS

Ugreen USB-C can be connected with a Lightning cable to charge and sync IOS devices like AirPods, AirPods Pro, iPad, or iPhones. It can charge a Siri Remote and many more. With a USB-C Lightning cable, iOS devices can be charged and data transferred when connected.


The best thing about Ugreen USB-C is that it features a smaller connector shape that is reversible and easier to plug in. they can carry significantly more power. That’s why these are used to charge larger devices like laptops. The speed doubles up the transfer speed at 10 GBPS.


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