Everything You Need to Know About A Shower Arm


Having an adjustable shower arm in your home is the best if you have a combination of tall and short people sharing a bathroom. However, there are other types of shower arms explained in this guide.

What Are The Types of Shower Arms

There are different types of shower arms based on the shape of the shower arm. Each of these shower arms has its respective advantages and best use situations. It is in your best interest to talk to an expert before you decide to choose a shower arm. Here are some of the types of Shower arms and their respective explanations.


If you come from a home where there is no equality in heights, and there is a need to share the bathroom, then maybe this is the best option. The shower head of this type of arm, as the name implies, is flexible. All you need to do is reduce the height or increase the size to use it comfortably.

This is very similar to the flexible shower arms explained earlier. The adjustable shower arm helps the people in homes where the height difference is too far apart. All you need to do is adjust the shower arm to whatever height you need.


The standard type of shower arm is the most common one you will find in most locations across the globe. There is a simple connection between the shower head and a water pipe, which is usually behind the wall. There is no flexibility in this case, and this is the most common case of a shower arm.

S neck

The S neck of the shower arm is also referred to as the gooseneck arm. The idea of this S neck is to help the taller people have a comfortable way while bathing. Of course, this type of shower arm is necessary for tall people in their personal bathrooms. The shape goes higher, so you can easily bathe.

J neck

When you bath sometimes, the soap and other dirty water stay on the wall, causing you to clean more things. The j neck design of the shower arm usually has a length of about 16 inches away from the connection on the wall. This means you will easily bathe without staining the wall. This type is possible if your bathroom is a big one.


The ceiling shower arm is attached directly to the ceiling of the bathroom, and the idea is for the water to fall down like it is raining.

What Are The Accessories of The Shower Arm

  • Mount
  • Diverter
  • Flange
  • Adapter


Shower arms are a bit confusing to understand for anyone who has not spent a lot of time learning about bathroom fixtures. For people who do surface training about the subject matter, usually mistake the Shower arms for another feature known as the Shower column. While they have some confusing similarities, a shower arm is very different from a shower column. A shower arm extends from the back of the water pipe linking to the head of the shower generally. This guide has explained what a shower arm is and its different types.


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