Why Should You Get an Air Purifier for Your Indoor Space?


A variety of air purifiers are available in the market ranging from home purifiers to commercial or office air purifiers. The air cleaners are designed to eliminate pollutants from the air; however, not every purifier eliminates every contaminant. Some are meant to remove specific particulates from the air; hence it’s important first to identify why you want one. The air cleaners employ various filtration technologies, and several features are also used to make the process easy and convenient. In this article, we delve into the reasons for getting an air purifier.

Common Reasons for Getting an Air Purifier

When you think of buying an air cleaner, one or more reasons must have driven you. Your reason may vary, but the end goal is the same. They include;

1. Prevention of Dust and Mold

This is one of the most common motivations for getting an air purifier. Cleaning the house daily eliminates dust, but it somehow finds a way to accumulate on surfaces now and then. Despite dust itself being an issue in terms of cleanliness and health, it also attracts mites. Dust mites are a major problem for individuals sensitive to allergens, and eradicating them is vital. Exposure to so much mold is dangerous and can cause chronic illnesses. You can get an air purifier to minimize daily cleaning, keep away dust mites and mold spores.

2. To minimize Asthma Attacks

Asthma attacks are triggered by the presence of pollutants in the air. Millions of people worldwide suffer from this condition, and it’s non-curable. Doctors advise on proper management ways such as knowing your asthma triggers and finding a way to reduce them. Air cleaners with HEPA filters are among the best as they trap 99.97 percent of all particles in the air, keeping it clean and safe for breathing.

3. To Minimize Dander and Hair From Pets

Pet dander refers to skin flakes that shed from any animal with fur. Both the dander and hair are major causes of nasal allergies in children and adults. The skin flakes are small particles that are difficult to see with the naked eye and tend to fly off with wind or movement. You breathe them in unknowingly, resulting in allergies. Animal hair or fur also accumulates on objects around the house, and it’s difficult to brush it off or stop the pet from shedding. In such a case, an air purifier would come in handy to trap the components and reduce allergies.

4. To Eliminate Smoke Odors

It’s easy to identify a smoker through the smell on their clothes, house, or workspace. Cigarette smoking causes a huge odor to linger, especially in indoor areas. Most people try to mask the smell in various ways, but air cleaners absorb the smoke and odors easily and efficiently. If you live with non-smokers, it’s important to keep the environment conducive for them by purifying the air.

Final Word

Identifying the reason for getting an air purifier helps you pick an ideal unit for your space. In addition, you get what matches your preference and can cater to your needs by creating a safe breathing environment.


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