Risk Factors Associated With Using A Hot Tub


You might be having a long day thinking that you need to get into your hot tub and relax. You will often get off the tub feeling better and get into bed and get a long night’s sleep. There are times you will get into the tub with a sore joint and get out feeling okay. These are all the health benefits associated with hot tubs.

It might therefore surprise you if you realize that there are risk factors to using a hot tub. However, knowing about these risks will help you make better decisions regarding how you use your hot pool. Here are some of the dangers associated with using the hot tub.

1. Infections

One of the most common risks of hot tubs, especially shared ones, is bacterial infections. The most common type of bacteria found in hot tubs is pseudomonas and presents itself with itchy bumps on the belly and any area covered by your swimsuit. The bacteria also cause swimmer’s ear. The main reason it thrives in the hot tub is, the water is usually left in for a couple of days or weeks before it is changed. It gives the bacteria ample time to breed in the water.

But, to ensure this does not happen, it is recommended that you change your tub water as often as possible and ensure you use the right sanitizer to keep bacteria away.

2. Pregnancy risk

Another risk that comes with the hot tubs is using them while you are pregnant. Since being in the tub causes your body temperature to rise rapidly, the heat will cause your baby to get congenital neural disabilities. For this reason, doctors recommend you stay away from the hot tubs for the entirety of your pregnancy.

3. Heart diseases

You can’t sweat when you are in a hot tub because your blood vessels increase, and your blood pressure drops. Often this will not have any effect on the body of a normal person. A person with heart disease, on the other hand, might have an issue with such a drop in their blood pressure and can pass out in the pool. It is recommended that if you have a heart problem, you should not use the hot tub. The same goes for any who might have issues with their blood pressure.

How to use the pool safely

All these risks might make you get scared of using the hot tub. Here are some of the ways you can use it safely

1. Talk to your doctor

Your doctor is more informed on what you can do if you have any underlying conditions. They will give you options on how you can safely use the bathtub.

2. Keep the tub clean

Ensure you take time to clean the tub. Do not leave water in it for long, and always sanitize it on a daily. If one of you has an infection that can spread through water, ask them to stay away from the tub until they get better.

Last thoughts

Just because there are risk factors related to water doesn’t mean you cannot own and enjoy one. All you need to do is ensure the pool stays clean and that you are in good health. Once this is taken care of, you can go ahead and use the tub as you wish.

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